Flag Expedition #13 - Nigel Shaw in the Field

Nigel Shaw - Nigel Shaw
March 16, 2012 share
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March 15, 2012 - "We had only been away from the airport in Johannasburg for about 30 mins when the landscape opened up. Once vast grasslands, home to thousands of gazelles and acompaning cheetas, this farmland is slowly being reclaimed bu scrub and acaicia. Hundreds of Amur falcons and Lesser kestrels use the poles and lines along the road to hunt the vast amounts of grasshoppers and other insects. Other raptors like the Greater kestrel, an African species also utilizes the area and rodents abound for the taking.

As we enter more open farm country, the landscalpe is split by huge Hydro pylons. These have become the favorite hunting vantage points for the Brown and Black-breasted snake eagles.

These huge birds move into the Limpopo area from other parts of Africa. It is a species that was targeted for the banding project, as little is known of where they come from, only th fact they utilize the area for its massive supply of food. I have noticed that all the reasons these birds congregate here, are man made!

We arrive at our first destination shortly." - Nigel

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