Price Sheet

Following is an quick list of all artwork available for sale in The Art of Conservation annual exhibit, ordered alphabetically by the artist's last name.

Title Artist Artwork Type Medium Subject Citizenship Sold Edit link
Thirsty Warthog Douglas Aja Sculpture Bronze Warthog, Red-billed Oxpecker
Football Buddies Douglas Aja Sculpture Bronze Orphaned African elephant with keeper
Love Blooms Carol Alleman Sculpture Bronze Wild Violet Plant
Bad Lieutenant Stephane Alsac Wall-hanging Oil painting Wild Boar
Elephant Portrait Stephane Alsac Wall-hanging Oil painting Elephant
The Chase Stuart Arnett Wall-hanging Graphite and Staedtler Marker Northern Pike and Yellow Perch
Horseshoe Beach Stuart Arnett Wall-hanging Graphite Red Knots, Ruddy Turnstones and Horseshoe Crabs
Nurturing Patricia Banks Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Temperate rainforest landscape SOLDSOLD
Feast - Vultures Robert Bateman Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Eurasian Black Vulture and Griffon Vultures
Someone to Watch Over Me Linda Besse Wall-hanging Oil Helmeted guineafowl and lion
Fighting Lions Cindy Billingsley Sculpture Clay African Lions
Bees Cindy Billingsley Wall-hanging Oils Honeybees
Glimmer Beatrice Bork Wall-hanging Watercolor and gouache Copper-rumped Hummingbird
Cresting the Wave Lynn Branson Sculpture Oak Kingfisher
The Burl That Wanted to be a Bittern Lynn Branson Sculpture Cedar Bittern
Only While Supplies Last! Carel Brest van Kempen Wall-hanging Acrylic Common Starlings, House Mouse
Green Turtle Renata Bruynzeel Wall-hanging Pastel Turtle
Lets Play - Humpback Whale Calf Renata Bruynzeel Wall-hanging Pastel Humpback Whale
A Mara Family Winter Tale Florence Cadene Wall-hanging Charcoal and oil on linen canvas Zebras
The Cost of Palm Oil Carrie Cook Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Sumatran Orangutan
Straight Outta Madagascar Carrie Cook Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Ring-tailed Lemur
Underwater Waltz Brent Cooke Sculpture Stainless steel/bronze/black granite base French Angelfish
Waiting on Wonderland Anni Crouter Wall-hanging Watercolor Snowshoe Hare
Arthur Becci Crowe Wall-hanging Pen and colored inks Adult Male Mandrill
A Touch of Light Dennis Curry Wall-hanging Oil Landscape
Young Beaver Karyn deKramer Wall-hanging Watercolor North American Beaver SOLDSOLD
Agility. Speed. Velocity. Kelly Dodge Wall-hanging Oil on panel Snowshoe Hare
Baby Caracal Tania Dreelinck Wall-hanging Soft pastel on pastelmat Caracal kitten
Chimp-and-See Tania Dreelinck Wall-hanging Soft pastel on pastelmat The soul of a chimpanzee
The Curious Chaparral Rob Dreyer Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Roadrunner Chasing a Monarch Butterfly
The Sun's Rays Penetrate the Night Kim Kanoa Duffek Wall-hanging Acrylic on gessoboard Lesser Long-nosed Bats
Fox Sparrow Study Michael Dumas Wall-hanging Oil on Russian birch Fox Sparrow
The Sculptor Kathleen Dunn Wall-hanging Oil on board Pileated Woodpecker
Vintage Kathleen Dunn Wall-hanging Oil on board Steller's Jays
Spotted Hyena at the Waterhole Linda DuPuis-Rosen Wall-hanging Watercolor on canvas African wildlife
Blue and Yellow Macaw Lynn Erikson Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Bird
Eastern Box Turtle James Fiorentino Wall-hanging Watercolor Eastern Box Turtle
Family Ties Cynthie Fisher Wall-hanging Scratchboard Burchell Zebra
Jubilation David Gallup Wall-hanging Oil on canvas French Grunts, fish, coral
Shadows and Moonlight Martin Gates Sculpture Bronze edition 18 Owl and moon face
Exposed Fiona Goulding Wall-hanging Oil on panel New Zealand Fairy Tern
Surrounded Fiona Goulding Wall-hanging Oil on panel Female Mallard
Wrangler Patricia A Griffin Wall-hanging Oil on linen Coyote
Into the Mesozoic World Mark Hallett Wall-hanging Gouache Baby titansaurid sauropod hatching
Camarasaurus Pod by Moonlight Mark Hallett Wall-hanging Gouache, acrylic Camarasaurus Pod
Reflections Manta Guy Harvey Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Manta Ray
A Special Place Kathy Haycock Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Landscape
A Sudden Departure Janet Heaton Wall-hanging Chalk pastel Domestic geese
Free Falling Mark Hobson Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Pacific Octopus SOLDSOLD
Prickly Perch Debbie Hughbanks Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Sparrow on cactus
Kicking Snow Terry Isaac Wall-hanging Acrylic on board Siberian Tiger
Fox Den Pat Jackman Wall-hanging Colored pencil Foxes
He Watches Over Kate Jenvey Wall-hanging Coloured pencil Lion
As the Sun Sets Kate Jenvey Wall-hanging Coloured pencil African Wild Dog
Sentry Duty Mary Jane Jessen Wall-hanging Oil paint on canvas Howler Monkey in Tortuguero Costa Rica
At the Edge of the Field Hans Kappel Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Barn Swallows
Pinnacle Karryl Sculpture Bronze Mountain Goat
The Red Princes of the South Valentin Katrandzhiev Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Florida Flamingos
Balancing Act James Kiesow Wall-hanging Acrylic Black-crowned Night Heron
The Beautiful Ones Megan Kissinger Wall-hanging Acrylic on gallery canvas White Ibis in Surf
No Quarter Megan Kissinger Wall-hanging Acrylic on gallery canvas Laughing Gull Pair and Cormorant Thief
Backyard Encounters David Kitler Wall-hanging Graphite & acrylic on Baltic birch Bee
Piece Keepers David Kitler Wall-hanging Acrylic on Baltic birch Embera Girl and Panama Rainforest Wildlife SOLDSOLD
Canadian Reflection Joseph Koensgen Wall-hanging Acrylic Canada Geese
Frozen Morning Joseph Koensgen Wall-hanging Acrylic Pileated Woodpecker SOLDSOLD
Emerald Tree Boa Rebecca Koller Wall-hanging Coloured pencil on paper Emerald Tree Boa
Shoreline Flight Barbara Kopeschny Wall-hanging Acrylic on board Great Blue Heron, Rockscape
Into the Light Deborah LaFogg-Docherty Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Cape Griffon Vulture
Upon a Desert Sand Karen Laurence-Rowe Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Desert Oryx
Wistful Great Blue Patsy Lindamood Wall-hanging Pastel on ampersand pastelboard Great Blue Heron
On the Rise Steven Lingham Wall-hanging Oil on panel Bald Eagle
Shoreline Chorus Patricia Mansell Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Steller Sea Lions
Sloth Bear Pete Marshall Wall-hanging Pastel and colored pencil Sloth Bear
Dunlin Cloud Chris Maynard Wall-hanging Shed heritage turkey feather. This bird is still alive Shorebird flocking behavior
No Worries! Chris McClelland Wall-hanging Coloured and graphite pencils Koalas sleeping in a tree
Sudan - Facing Extinction Michelle McCune Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Last remaining male Northern White Rhinoceros
Late Afternoon Candy McManiman Wall-hanging Oil Plumed Whistling Ducks
Bull's-eye Vickie McMillan Wall-hanging Acrylic on board Waterbuck
Idaho Skies John Megahan Wall-hanging Oil Landscape from western Idaho
What Was That? Marti Millington Wall-hanging Acrylic Canada Lynx
Hide & Seek Dianne Munkittrick Wall-hanging Oil Grand Cayman Parrot
Jumbo Valley- Us and Them Robin Murray Wall-hanging Oil Wildlife SOLDSOLD
Sheer Power Calvin Nicholls Wall-hanging Archival paper Bengal Tiger
Just Passing By Solveig Nordwall Wall-hanging Color pencil and metallic color pencil on paper Whale Shark
Northern Dancer Dorset Norwich-Young Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Landscape
Great Egret Fishing in Surf Mary Louise O'Sullivan Wall-hanging Oil on linen canvas A Great Egret is wading in breaking waves for fish.
Red on Red Ron Orlando Wall-hanging Acrylic Northern Cardinal
Double Trouble Ron Orlando Wall-hanging Acrylic Black Bear
Return to Turtle Island Leo Osborne Sculpture Bronze Sea Turtle and Shorebird
Tanglewood Anne Peyton Wall-hanging Acrylic Gray Hawk
First Fall Anne Peyton Wall-hanging Acrylic Great Gray Owl
Simple Beauty III Murray Phillips Wall-hanging Acrylic Rushes at Cartwright Lake in the Bugaboo Mountains SOLDSOLD
River Wild Pollyanna Pickering Wall-hanging Gouache on canvas Tiger
Highlander Pollyanna Pickering Wall-hanging Gouache on canvas Red Deer Stag
Trumpeter Swans Ron Plaizier Wall-hanging Acrylic Trumpeter Swans
Interlude Ron Plaizier Wall-hanging Acrylic Barred Owl SOLDSOLD
Disappearing Predator Heidi Pratt Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Grey Wolf
Bison Legend David Prescott Wall-hanging Acrylic/cotton canvas North American Plains Bison
Face to Face Ji Qiu Wall-hanging Gouache and watercolor on paper Baby Plains Zebra and Red-billed Hornbill
Zebra Herd Natalie Raffield Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas African zebras during migration in Kenya
Tiger Shade David Rankin Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor Tiger
Ranthambhore Ambush David Rankin Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor Tiger and cheetal deer in Ranthambhore (tiger sanctuary in India)
Wood Ducks Andrea Rich Wall-hanging Woodcut print Wood Ducks SOLDSOLD
Youthful Exuberance Craig Roberts Wall-hanging Acrylic on gesso primed board African Leopard cub - Botswana.
Peregrine Falcon Valerie Rogers Wall-hanging Acrylic Peregrine Falcon
Awakening Pride Rosetta Sculpture Bronze Pride of lions on rocks, relief on back
Fan Dancing Linda Rossin Wall-hanging Acrylic on Strathmore Illustration Board 500 Series Wild Turkey
Sleepers Len Rusin Wall-hanging Oil on board Dunlins
Desert Sniper Len Rusin Wall-hanging Oil on board Harris Hawk and Jackrabbit
Desert Paper Eleazar Saenz Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Lagartija SOLDSOLD
Sweet Winds Eleazar Saenz Wall-hanging Oil on canvas African Lion
Breakfast of Champions Sharon K. Schafer Wall-hanging Acrylic on hardboard Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus), Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia),; Pallid-winged Grasshopper (Trimerotropis pallidipennis)
Red-tail Sunrise Sharon K. Schafer Wall-hanging Acrylic on hardboard Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis), Honey Mesquite (Prosopis pubescent), Desert Mistletoe (Phoradendron californium) SOLDSOLD
Spirit Messenger Robert Schlenker Wall-hanging Oil on board Steller's Jay
The Chase Nathan Scott Sculpture Bronze Salmon chasing herring
Defiance John Seerey-Lester Wall-hanging Oil on linen Jaguar
Finding Beshung John Seerey-Lester Wall-hanging Oil on linen Giant Panda
African Parchment Suzie Seerey-Lester Wall-hanging Acrylic on panel White Pelicans
Waiting for the Fog to Lift Morten Solberg Wall-hanging Watercolor Gray Wolves
Comforting Moment Peggy Sowden Wall-hanging Charcoal, watercolour Zebra mare and foal
Sitting Bear James Stewart Sculpture Bronze Bear
Waiting Patiently Uta Strelive Wall-hanging Tupelo wood, painted in oils Wood Sculpture of a female Kingfisher
Little Buddy Judy Studwell Wall-hanging Graphite and watercolor Sonoran Desert Tortoise SOLDSOLD
Noble Judy Studwell Wall-hanging Graphite and watercolor Barn Owl
To Be Determined Linda Sutton Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor Polar Bear
Purple Gallinule Mary Taylor Sculpture Mild steel rods, painted Purple Gallinule
More Than a Pile of Clams Martha Thompson Wall-hanging Watercolor Pacific Pygmy Octopus (Paroctopus digueti),Chocolata Clams (Tivela planulata), California Venus Clams (Chione californiensis)
Coral Sea Dreaming Kim Toft Wall-hanging Hand-painted silk Coral reef at night SOLDSOLD
Flying Free in a Liquid Sky Kim Toft Wall-hanging Hand-painted silk Rays and sharks
Sandhill Crane Joyce Trygg Wall-hanging Watercolour on paper Sandhill Crane
Sunbather Eva Van Rijn Wall-hanging Oil on canvas African Crowned Crane
Amazonians Eva Van Rijn Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Hoatzin couple sighted on upper Amazon, Peru
Twilight Swan Jerry Venditti Wall-hanging Oil on Belgian linen Ornithology and Water
All Sweetness and Light Lyn Vik Wall-hanging Acrylic Red Fox
Morning Dew Frank Walsh Wall-hanging Acrylic Orcas
Pt. Lobos Entourage Frank Walsh Wall-hanging Acrylic Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins
Calliope #01 Yasuo Watanabe Wall-hanging Acrylic on paper board Siberian Rubythroat
Migrans #02 Yasuo Watanabe Wall-hanging Acrylic on paper board Black Kite
Vernal Falls Moonlight Rick Wheeler Wall-hanging Scratchboard/watercolor Yosemite National Park
Saw-whet Owl Study Jeffrey Whiting Sculpture Bronze Saw-whet Owl
Precious Moments Paula Wiegmink Wall-hanging Oil on stretched canvas Orangutans
Into Oblivion Paula Wiegmink Wall-hanging Acrylic on stretched canvas African Wild Dog
Four Ladies and One Man Ria Winters Wall-hanging Oil on panel Red-tailed Black Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus banksii)
The Zebra Seahorse Terry Woodall Sculpture Myrtlewood,Madrone [Arbutus] Zebra Seahorses, undersea perches
Cleared for Landing Terry Woodall Sculpture Cedar driftwood Canada Geese
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