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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2016/07/27 - The finding highlights the shortcomings of laws intended to protect endangered species that don’t take into account research of the evolution of species.
2016/07/26 - "While they have achieved another milestone in flight, their circumnavigation is even more momentous for what it demonstrates about clean technology...
2016/07/25 - The pallid sturgeon is threatened because it can no longer travel far enough on the Missouri River to find a healthy place for its eggs to develop.
2016/07/25 - Governments set the stage for a possible agreement to reduce potent greenhouse gases under the Montreal Protocol. An amendment on reducing HFCs would be a significant step towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
2016/07/22 - An HFC phase-down can avoid up to 0.5⁰ Celsius of global warming by 2100. HFCs are the fastest-growing greenhouse gases. Many are 100s to 1000s of times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) at warming the atmosphere. The Climate and Clean Air Coalition believes urgent actions, like an HFC phase-down, are necessary to limit climate change.
2016/07/22 - With such a powerful tool at our disposal, the choice before us is alarmingly simple: we can choose to save our children or not...
2016/07/20 - UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim issued the following statement in support of a call by the UN Commission on Trade and Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization to end harmful fishing subsidies...
2016/07/20 - Richest countries consume on average 10 times as many materials as world's poorest Planet will need 180 billion tonnes of material every year by 2050 if trends continue
2016/07/18 - Developing countries embrace green finance policies as part of wider effort to finance the real economy and meet social, economic and environmental needs Green finance policies inspired by new models such as developments in fintech US$5-7 trillion a year needed to implement the Sustainable Development Goals
2016/07/14 - Mist nets used to trap flying birds extend for 700 kilometres along coast of Egypt, where an estimated 5.7 million birds are illegally killed every year An estimated 18 birds killed per square kilometer every year in Italy, where illegal killings are thought to be worse than any EU country Killings pushing species to brink of extinction; Turtle Dove on IUCN red list as numbers plummet
2016/07/13 - Gualicho shinyae was found to have evolved its stubby arms independently, suggesting there was some evolutionary advantage to the small size.
2016/07/07 - A new survey is aiming to find out why so many whales are passing through New York’s waters, and determining how close they venture to crowded shipping lanes.
2016/07/05 - Lightning Ridge, a town on the edge of the outback, is hoping visitors will flock to see such treasures at a new museum expected to be completed by 2020.
2016/07/04 - The best option for the fish would be to breach, bypass or remove one or more of the four big dams on the Lower Snake River.
2016/07/01 - The unprecedented project will generate cash returns of at least $77.5 million...
2016/07/01 - High-level session closes productive Africa Carbon Forum 2016...
2016/07/01 - The furor after a trophy hunter killed Cecil the Lion last year hasn’t slowed the catastrophic decline in lion populations.
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