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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2016/10/24 - On the Penobscot in Maine and other rivers in the U.S., several endangered species are rebounding with the reopening of spawning areas.
2016/10/20 - - Of the 1.3 million people dying each year from traffic accidents, 49 per cent are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists - Malawi, Kenya, and South Africa most dangerous countries to walk and cycle - Motorized transport responsible for 23 per cent of global CO2 emissions
2016/10/19 - - Rivers begin to dry up as the loss of Mt Kilimanjaro's forests triggers water crisis - Climate change has destroyed 13,000 hectares of the mountain's forests since 1976 – equivalent to cutting off a year's supply of drinking water for 1 million people - East Africa's glaciers expected to disappear within a few decades
2016/10/15 - - Reducing emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) under the Kigali Amendment can prevent up to 0.5°C of global warming, while continuing to protect the ozone layer - HFCs consumption to be reduced in 2019 in developed countries and frozen in 2024 and 2028 in developing countries
2016/10/13 - A multinational effort to create a protective reserve in the Ross Sea off Antarctica has long been blocked by Russia. This year may be different.
2016/10/13 - Why charismatic megafauna make the best salesmen for protecting the environment.
2016/10/12 - New GEO-6 website provides access to vital information and data...
2016/10/11 - TripAdvisor will no longer sell tickets to attractions like elephant rides and dolphin swims, a decision that could reshape how booking sites approach animal welfare.
2016/10/10 - What are the boundaries? Where are the limits? Our water, food and air, our livelihoods and inspiration - all count on the global commons. How far can we push? Are we pushing too far already? Can we turn tragedy into opportunity? More information: Work area:  Global Policy Location:  Global
2016/10/10 - A decision on the siting of a seaport could improve the prospects of the restoration of the lizards, which were once believed to be extinct.
2016/10/10 - The Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog, discovered only in 2005, was probably a victim of the global trade in amphibians.
2016/09/29 - Seizure records in the database date back to 2005, and include any removal of great apes from unlawful situations...
2016/09/28 - - Twenty innovative start-ups from eight African countries announced as winners of UN-backed SEED Awards for eco-inclusive innovation - Winners will receive technical assistance and six months of free, tailor-made support to develop their business...
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