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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2017/07/10 - A warehouse in Colorado offers evidence of the immense demand for goods made from threatened and endangered animals.
2017/07/07 - Learn more:  IUCN at 41st session of the World Heritage Committee Location:  Global
2017/07/03 - How one organisation is helping conserve Viet Nam's wildlife Learn more:  Species and biodiversity in Asia Work area:  Species Location:  Asia Viet Nam
2017/07/03 - Fossils of bizarre creatures called Macrauchenia have long baffled scientists, who used DNA to confirm when they diverged from horses, rhinos and tapirs.
2017/06/30 - ¿Estamos llevando nuestro planeta más allá de sus límites? ¿Por cuánto tiempo más nuestro patrimonio común podrá seguir sustentándonos si seguimos por este camino Learn more:  Patrimonio común Work area:  Global Policy Location:  Global
2017/06/26 - Community-led and shared governance of marine protected and conserved areas Learn more:  Panorama Work area:  Marine Protected Areas Location:  Global
2017/06/22 - Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced on Thursday that the bear, which has been on the endangered species list since 1975, was thriving in the region.
2017/06/20 - On International Tiger Day we look at how IUCN's tiger programme is helping humans and tigers coexist – and making sure these magnificent predators survive in the wild.  More information:  IUCN Tiger programme Work area:  Livelihoods Species Mammals Location:  Asia
2017/06/20 - The IUCN Green List builds momentum in China for effective protected and conserved areas Work area:  Protected Areas Green List Location:  China
2017/06/19 - On World Day to Combat Desertification we look at how conserving soil biodiversity can make dryland communities more resilient to drought and other threats and prevent desertification. Learn more:  IUCN Global Drylands initiative Work area:  Ecosystems Drylands Location:  Global
2017/05/29 - The IUCN Green List builds momentum in China for effective protected and conserved areas Learn more:  IUCN Green List Work area:  Protected Areas Green List Location:  China
2017/05/16 - Kigali, Rwanda – Business participation and investment in sustainable landscapes is critical for achieving inclusive green growth, according to a new report released here today at the Forest and Landscape Investment Forum.   Links:  Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative IUCN SUSTAIN-Africa The report - Business for Sustainable Landscapes: An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development
2017/04/27 - Officials are seeking the reason for an “unusual mortality event” that has left 41 humpback whales dead since early 2016 from North Carolina to Maine.
2017/04/27 - Scientists say that efforts to save the small porpoise in the Gulf of California have essentially failed, and some believe there may be only two or three left.
2017/04/25 - Some worry that a palm oil company’s gift to endangered Borneo orangutans distracts from a big threat to the species: deforestation by such companies.
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