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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2017/11/16 - Solutions for a healthy planet Learn more:  Panorama Work area:  Protected Areas
2017/11/16 - A new study suggests passenger pigeons were hyper-adapted to living in a large, stable population, leaving them unable to cope when humans hunted them en masse.
2017/11/14 - By digging their roots in tropical shores, mangroves not only defend against rising tides and extreme weather, but they have the potential to change the storm itself. Work area:  Forests Marine Location:  Asia
2017/11/11 - Scientists called off an effort to save one of the world’s rarest marine mammals — the vaquita — when one died after being captured for rehabilitation.
2017/11/09 - Had the asteroid that doomed dinosaurs crashed nearly anywhere other than the coast of Mexico, they might not have gone extinct, researchers say.
2017/11/06 - The first mammals active during both day and night emerged 65.8 million years ago, a study found, just 200,000 years after the event that made dinosaurs go extinct.
2017/11/06 - The first mammals active during both day and night emerged 65.8 million years ago, a study found, just 200,000 years after the event that made dinosaurs go extinct.
2017/11/03 - The male bears have become more adventurous, which could improve genetic diversity in long-isolated populations.
2017/11/02 - The scientists who identified the Tapanuli orangutan said there are only about 800 left, making them the most endangered of all great ape species.
2017/10/25 - When a wildfire swept through Arizona, all but 35 rare red squirrels disappeared. After California’s fires and Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, so did other near-extinct animals.
2017/10/19 - In the hill country outside San Antonio, a safari-style world of rare and endangered species symbolizes the popularity and controversy of exotic game hunting.
2017/10/19 - In this lesson, students learn about how human activity threatens the Earth’s biodiversity, and then they research possible solutions.
2017/10/06 - A genetic analysis showed that a stick insect found on another island was the same species as one that had been wiped out by rats on Australia’s Lord Howe Island.
2017/10/05 - Blog text Work area:  Biodiversity Topic:  Biodiversity Chapeau:  Blog chapeau Image (single): 
2017/10/04 - Integrated Planning for Climate Change and Biodiversity Learn more:  Integrated Planning for Climate Change and Biodiversity Work area:  Protected Areas Location:  Africa
2017/10/04 - The Burmese Star Tortoise was called functionally extinct by ecologists, but a captive breeding program in Myanmar has saved it, a study says.
2017/09/29 - A chance encounter with a falling tree let scientists finally confirm the existence of a legendary rodent species in the South Pacific.
2017/09/25 - Logging, human encroachment and activities have fragmented the natural range of pandas in China, which could make recent population gains short-lived.
2017/09/20 - Researchers analyzed all existing public data of sea turtle nesting sites around the world and found a tale of “cautionary optimism.”
2017/09/20 - A local official ordered hunters to kill the rare animal last week after it crossed over from Poland. “Animals don’t know country borders,” a conservationist said.
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