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2018/04/21 - Nearly 50 years ago, environmental disasters in the United States spurred a popular movement that culminated in new protections and helped to inspire the first Earth Day. Now, many of those protections are under threat.
2018/04/18 - Effective protection for tigers within some wildlife reserves has caused their populations to rise and local habitat range to expand beyond these protected areas. This has led to escalating conflicts with humans, many of which have resulted in fatalities. Better management of the ‘buffer zones’ around reserves is the need of the hour, writes Poonam Dhanwatey, Indian wildlife conservationist known for her work mitigating human-tiger conflict and co-founder of the not-...
2018/04/16 - As mining and development projects shrink the country’s forests, animals in search of food have been forced to wander farther from their natural habitats.
2018/04/15 - The city has 10,542 acres of forests. The Natural Areas Conservancy, which says they are at a tipping point, is thinking about how to care for them.
2018/04/12 - Getting on the endangered list issued by the Zoological Society of London isn’t actually about looks. Creatures have to be evolutionarily distinctive, not just weird.
2018/04/11 - Work area:  Forests Coastal Livelihoods Location:  Asia
2018/04/10 - In a new study, researchers single out a blog run by a Canadian zoologist as a primary source of dubious information about the status of polar bears.
2018/04/09 - Many reptiles and amphibians sold in pet stores were not bred in captivity as international law requires, conservationists say, but plucked from forests and rivers.
2018/04/05 - Pairing astronomers’ algorithms for star-hunting with drones equipped with infrared cameras, scientists have developed a new tool kit to help conservation and fight poaching.
2018/04/05 - The House Committee on Natural Resources is intent on erasing essential protections for the nation’s natural resources.
2018/03/31 - After nearing extinction 20 years ago, the Iberian lynx has made a comeback in southern Spain and Portugal, thanks to a vast recovery program funded by the European Union.
2018/03/28 - The immigration of just three new foxes dramatically reduced inbreeding in an isolated population, providing some support for a disputed conservation strategy.
2018/03/28 - Watching the herd from above offered a more complete view of the animals’ varying behaviors, and could suggest insights into other migratory species.
2018/03/23 - Learn more:  UICN en América del Sur Work area:  Ecosystems Location:  South America
2018/03/20 - Avid bird-watchers come out annually for the counting program in the San Bernardino National Forest and California state parks, where conservation of eagles has largely been a success.
2018/03/20 - Sur le long terme, les entreprises ont tout à gagner à utiliser les ressources naturelles d’une façon qui profite à toute la société. Alors que s’ouvre cette semaine le 8e Forum mondial sur l’eau à Brasilia, Yolanda Kakabadse, présidente du Groupe pour le Rio Doce qui fournira des conseils sur les efforts de restauration, souligne que les efforts pour réhabiliter le bassin versant du Rio Doce au Brésil, suite à la catastrophe minière de 2015, sont un exemple en la...
2018/03/20 - Nations are protecting vast expanses of open sea but their first priority should be their richly biodiverse coastal waters.
2018/03/20 - Learn more:  IUCN's work on forests Work area:  Forests
2018/03/20 - Just two members of the charismatic subspecies remain, both female. But scientists still hope to prevent the extinction of the animals.
2018/03/19 - In the long term, it pays for business to use natural resources in a way that benefits all of society. Efforts to rehabilitate the Rio Doce watershed in Brazil following the 2015 mining disaster are a case in point, writes Yolanda Kakabadse, Chair of the Rio Doce Panel, which will provide advice on the restoration efforts, as the 8th World Water Forum opens in Brasilia this week. The Candonga Reservoir downstream of the dam site was heavily...
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