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2018/06/23 - Why whales got so big, and what that tells us about evolution.
2018/06/22 - Readers stress that maintaining biodiversity should be part of the protected areas agenda.
2018/06/21 - The remains appear to be a new species of gibbon, and it was perhaps a pet.
2018/06/09 - Designating protected areas is relatively easy, but hardly anyone seems to be bothering with the hard work of actually protecting them.
2018/06/04 - Most of the animals now are found on farms in China. Giant salamanders released recently into the wild are genetically distinct from those that evolved there, a man-made “species.”
2018/05/31 - La nature, où tout est interconnecté, est un brillant exemple de la puissance et de l’intelligence de la collectivité. Afin de remporter des succès et avoir plus d’impact, la communauté de la conservation devrait s'inspirer du monde naturel, dépasser les silos et solliciter de manière proactive même les partenaires les plus improbables, y compris les entreprises et l'industrie - écrit Jon Stryker, fondateur et président de la Fondation Arcus. Les...
2018/05/30 - Nature, where everything is interconnected, is a shining example of the strength and brilliance of the collective. The conservation community should look to the natural world for inspiration when striving for success and impact, moving beyond its silos and proactively engaging even the most unlikely partners, including business and industry – writes founder and president of the Arcus Foundation, Jon Stryker. Conservation organizations are working...
2018/05/29 - Photo: IUCN Selecting indicators for ecosystems risk assessments Other Red List of Ecosystems Resources Photo: IUCN CEM Workshops at the Communities Conservation and Livelihoods Conference Photo: UN  
2018/05/24 - Photo: TJ Rio / AMAERJ Membership Activities text   Photo: WCEL/AEL Partner Highlights text   Photo: IUCN CEESP Publications text  
2018/05/24 - Maui, Wowee: Georgia O’Keeffe’s largely unknown Hawaiian paintings and sketches surface in the Bronx, at the New York Botanical Garden.
2018/05/24 - Even if the technology can bring back the northern white rhinoceros, should we do it?
2018/05/24 - Now that grizzly bears have been dropped from the endangered species list, the first big hunt in 43 years is set for September, allowing 22 grizzlies to be shot.
2018/05/23 - Photo: IUCN     Photo: IUCN     Photo: UN    
2018/05/23 - Photo: IUCN Photo: IUCN Photo: IUCN
2018/05/22 - Bringing the numbers to life for the jewel in Bolivia’s conservation crown.
2018/05/10 - The largest bat in Europe, a vulnerable species, found shelter in a city park’s trees. Then they started to turn up dead.
2018/05/06 - Wildlife officials have used snare traps to protect the endangered birds. It’s ruffling more than feathers in a town where the fox is the unofficial mascot.
2018/05/04 - There are more than 360,000 gorillas and 128,000 chimpanzees in Africa, roughly twice as many as previously estimated.
2018/05/04 - There are more than 360,000 gorillas and 128,000 chimpanzees in Africa, roughly twice as many as previously estimated.
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