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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2017/01/25 - Fossils of the extinct relative of modern-day otters suggest that it was six feet long, and it had jaws that could possibly crack through shellfish.
2017/01/24 - Fund joins a coalition of 28 international investors controlling over $3 trillion in assets
2017/01/20 - The last thylacine died in a zoo in 1936, but neural scans of preserved specimens revealed that they may have been more intelligent than previously believed.
2017/01/19 - Bald eagles have been the emblem of the United States for more than two centuries. Now, in some parts of the country, they’re a nuisance.
2017/01/18 - From gorillas to gibbons, a wide-ranging survey finds that the world’s primates are in steep decline.
2017/01/10 - The administration added the rusty-patched bumblebee, which once covered 28 states but is threatened by pesticides, disease and climate change, to the endangered species list.
2017/01/09 - The iconic Arctic species is threatened by the loss of sea ice resulting from rising global temperatures, the Fish and Wildlife Service warned.
2017/01/06 - A series of maps produced by researchers visualize the link between global trade and its environmental impact.
2017/01/05 - - If current trends continue, severe bleaching will occur every year on 99% of the world's coral reefs within this century - More ambitious emissions reductions may give reefs an average of 11 extra years before annual bleaching strikes - High-resolution predictions of annual coral bleaching can help prioritize reefs for conservation...
2017/01/02 - A moratorium on harvesting turtles and a World Wildlife Fund program have helped replenish Fiji’s turtle population after decades of decline.
2016/12/30 - China’s decision gives wildlife protection advocates hope that the threatened extinction of certain elephant populations in Africa can be averted.
2016/12/30 - A drop in their numbers has prompted an international team to call for changing the animal’s status from vulnerable to endangered.
2016/12/28 - A proposed sluice gate faces a chorus of opposition from scientists and environmental groups who say it could have disastrous effects on the lake’s fragile ecosystem.
2016/12/22 - The duck-size creature lived in what is now the Canadian Arctic during a time period when a strong greenhouse effect was occurring.
2016/12/20 - Green growth and biodiversity also on the agenda...
2016/12/20 - - New agreement paves the way for enhanced cooperation between UN Environment and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states on environment and climate change - UN Environment working closely with the ACP Secretariat to support a more coherent and integrated approach towards the implementation of the sustainable development goals in African, Caribbean and Pacific states
2016/12/19 - Agreements reached on actions to integrate biodiversity in forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and tourism sectors and to achieve the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development - Pledges and commitments in support of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity made by Business; Cities and Subnational Authorities, IPLCs and Youth; - Capacity-building strategy agreed for the Convention and its Protocols; - Protected areas on the land and in the oceans and seas, expanding considerably, with...
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