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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2017/03/02 - A new study shows how an endangered or declining species may result in an irreversible genetic meltdown.
2017/02/27 - No more than 30 vaquitas are left in Mexico’s Gulf of California. Experts propose keeping some in captivity as a last resort.
2017/02/20 - From 1-10 September 2016, the IUCN World Conservation Congress brought top scientists and academics together with world leaders and decision makers from governments, civil society, indigenous peoples and business. The knowledge shared and the decisions taken helped define the path to a sustainable future and move 2015’s historic climate and sustainable development agreements into action. More information:  IUCN World Conservation Congress Work area: ...
2017/02/19 - Du 1er au 10 septembre 2016, le Congrès de l'UICN a rassemblé les plus grands scientifiques et universitaires, aux côtés de responsables et de décideurs du monde entier représentant les gouvernements, la société civile, les peuples autochtones et les entreprises. Les connaissances partagées et les décisions prises pendant ces dix jours ont aidé à définir la voie vers un avenir durable, et ont traduit dans la pratique les accords historiques sur le climat et le...
2017/02/16 - A teenager’s fossil hunt two decades ago may have changed paleontologists’ understanding of how long it took to recover from the “Great Dying” 252 million years ago.
2017/02/13 - Hsien Lin Hsu pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday to trying to sneak dozens of federally protected turtles into the United States under bags of candy and noodles.
2017/02/08 - To reduce conflict with herders in the Himalayas, biologists gathered a fecal data set to decode the diets of the endangered cats.
2017/02/08 - An ancient species that once roamed grasslands with woolly mammoths is dying in great numbers in Mongolia, with harmful factors piling up.
2017/02/06 - - Money will go to greening marine economy and boosting resource efficiency among others - Since 2014, Italy contributed over 10.5 euro million to the Environment Fund
2017/02/04 - Researchers, who had been hunting the frogs for eight years, found two males and two females and plan to breed them and reintroduce them to the wild.
2017/01/30 - A book by the cell biologist and journalist Helen Pilcher cheerfully explores advances in cloning that could be used to revive departed species.
2017/01/30 - A book by the cell biologist and journalist Helen Pilcher cheerfully explores advances in cloning that could be used to revive departed species.
2017/01/30 - - 19 banks and investors, totalling $6.6 trillion in assets set new criteria for sustainable financial instruments - An estimated $5 to 7 trillion a year is needed to achieve the global sustainable development goals - Banks manage $140 trillion of assets and institutional investors over $100 trillion
2017/01/25 - Fossils of the extinct relative of modern-day otters suggest that it was six feet long, and it had jaws that could possibly crack through shellfish.
2017/01/24 - Fund joins a coalition of 28 international investors controlling over $3 trillion in assets
2017/01/20 - The last thylacine died in a zoo in 1936, but neural scans of preserved specimens revealed that they may have been more intelligent than previously believed.
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