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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2017/08/21 - As the world’s forests are carved up by roads and farms, the animals in them are vanishing. A simple fix may help.
2017/08/18 - The Interior Secretary recently announced that efforts to protect the handsome bird, known for an amazing mating dance, are being reviewed.
2017/08/11 - Young people raise their voices for nature Learn more:  Regional projects in Asia Work area:  Forests Development Location:  Asia Sri Lanka Thailand Viet Nam
2017/08/07 - Une expédition scientifique sur le mont sous-marin Banc Walters Learn more:  Gouvernance des océans Work area:  Marine Location:  Africa East and Southern Africa
2017/08/07 - A scientific expedition on the Walters Shoal seamount Learn more:  Ocean governance Work area:  Marine Location:  Africa East and Southern Africa
2017/08/06 - Promoters of ivory from the extinct animals say it’s an ethical alternative. Others fear it may give cover to the black-market elephant ivory trade.
2017/08/04 - This ancient species even survived a nuclear explosion. It has a message for us.
2017/08/03 - Water Infrastructure Solutions for the Tana Basin Learn more:  WISE-UP project Work area:  Climate Change Water Location:  East and Southern Africa Kenya
2017/07/28 - Learn more:  Global Protected Areas Programme Work area:  Protected Areas Location:  Global
2017/07/28 - Learn more:  Integrated planning for biodiversity and climate change In Colombia Work area:  Environmental Law Protected Areas Location:  Global
2017/07/28 - Learn more:  Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme Work area:  Species Location:  Global
2017/07/28 - With indications that populations are declining, Australian scientists have embarked on an initiative to see how the platypus is faring.
2017/07/27 - Launch of the LIFE Green List for Natura 2000 Project Learn more:  LIFE Green List for Natura 2000 Location:  Europe
2017/07/14 - Federal protection is set to expire at the end of the month, even as the bears’ food sources are collapsing. Meanwhile, hunters are lining up.
2017/07/13 - All around the world, scientists are building repositories of everything from seeds to ice to mammal milk — racing to preserve a natural order that is fast disappearing.
2017/07/12 - Strengthening conservation networks in Goa Learn more:  IUCN's work in India Work area:  Marine Species Location:  Asia India
2017/07/12 - Empowering civil society to achieve concrete and effective conservation actions in North Africa Learn more:  North Africa Projects Work area:  Biodiversity Location:  Mediterranean
2017/07/11 - Severe flooding since June in Assam State has left scores of animals in Kaziranga National Park in danger, a government official said.
2017/07/11 - A new paper describes the threatened mass extinction of thousands of animal species around the globe. The authors say that human activities are in large part to blame.
2017/07/10 - A warehouse in Colorado offers evidence of the immense demand for goods made from threatened and endangered animals.
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