Holt Historic Painting to Go on Permanent Public Exhibit

November 7, 2016 share
Artists for Conservation

In November, AFC Signature Mary Louise Holt announced the acquisition of her painting titled: The Village of Mariemont, 17th Century, by Chief Glenna Wallace of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oaklahoma. The painting will be on permanent exhibit in the Betty Jane Admussen Museum located in the E.S. Tribe's Cultural Preservation Building.

The 33" x 48" original oil painting depicts a typical day in a village of the Fort Ancient People, the ancestors of the Shawnee people. In November, 2012, artifacts from the village were discovered by Dr. Ken Tankersley, anthropology professor at the University of Cincinnati, and his students. The Artifacts were found in the Little Miami River floodplain below the Village of Mariemont. After years of speculation, the discovery of these artifacts finally prove the existence of the village in that area from 1450-1670.

The painting was a collaborative effort between Dr Tankersley and Mary Lou. Dr. Tankersley provided valuable information throughout the painting's creation, from the first concept sketches to completion.

The painting contains little vignettes, each telling their own story about the people in the village. Every member in the village, young and old, played an important role in the survival of the village and its culture. Also depicted in the painting are Fort Ancient women, the engineers of the village, in the process of building a serpent mound, 2,952 feet long on the bluff above the floodplain. The serpent can still be seen today running along Miami Bluff Drive in Mariemont. It may be the largest serpent effigy in the world.

Mary Louise's hope is that generations of Shawnee people can learn more about their ancestors and their amazing accomplishments by viewing this painting in their museum. They have every reason to be very proud of their heritage.

Learn more about Mary Louise.

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